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Cyberpvnk - Ballardi

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Latest Tracks

Bughunter - Track made for the Acid Battle V 2013, gear used: Akai MPC 2500SE, acidlabs Miami, Jomox Xbase09, Roland SH-101, xoxbox, Eowave Domino, DSI Mopho, Access Virus b, Damage Control Demonizer, Roland RT-20, Roland RE-20, Alesis 3630, Phonic T8300.

Analogic 2012 - 3-ina-a-row jam track EP made in 2012, 1-Analogic, 2-Interlude, 3-Ride

Chill - This is the first Jam with the MPC 2000xl I've repaired. Gear used: Akai MPC 2000xl, Roland SH-101, acidlabs Miami, xoxbox, FX

Duck Dive - This ist just a joke,don't take it too serious :)

Playground 2011 - The 1st CD I've wanted to fill...

Colounge Electronic Music Jam
September 2012


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